Italian 100 everyday Recipes

Italian 100 everyday Recipes

Love Food Editors


Hardcover: 208 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781445442853

Subject: Cooking, Eat & Drink Italy Selezione

Italy is renowned for producing wonderful food using the finest fresh ingredients. With its wide range of dishes, from a generous plateful of tasty risotto or pasta to an irresistibly rich dessert, Italian food appeals to everyone. Italian cuisine is fresh, seasonal and simple and provides a wonderful sense of the legendary Italian love of all good things. Whether you re planning a hearty midweek supper, quick and easy snacks or a feast for family and friends, this book contains the very best of Italian recipes to inspire you to cook for any occasion. Love Food's 100 Italian Recipes features 100 mouth-watering recipes, clear and easy to follow ingredients lists and step-by-step methods and beautiful photography of each recipe to inspire perfect results.

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