Plants. Flowers

Plants. Flowers


Massimiliano Piretti Editore

322 pages
170 x 240 mm

Subject: Nature Flowers & Plants

Plants, a unique creation of nature, are a large storage of various textures, patterns, lines, forms and structures. This book contains a rich collection of different kinds of plants, from northern to subtropical. Here you will find a great variety of surfaces and colours, a unique symmetry and harmony. Leaves, bark, a stalk – every part of the plant is worth exploring in order to get absolutely unique creative ideas.
Flowers are a source of infinite inspiration. Colour, form, texture – all this helps in creating something new and beautiful. Each flower is unique for its beauty and reveals its secrets every time you are looking at it. This book presents a fantastic collection of flowers of different kinds: modest and magnificent, graceful and joyful. A flower means love. A flowers means beauty. A flowers is a unique aroma.
A flower means inspiration.

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