Eyes into secret seas*

Eyes into secret seas*

Jefrey Rotman

Universe us

208 pages
254 x 338 mm

ISBN / Barcode: 9780847824441

Subject: Sea

Jeffrey Rotman-famous for his stunning images of ocean life-is widely regarded as the best underwater photographer in the world. Eyes into Secret Seas is a comprehensive collection of Rotman's most beautiful work. Selected from his personal archive, a full 80 percent of the work is brand new and has never before been seen, till now. What makes this collection special is Rotman's choice of photographs, comprised of his personal fine art images, which are distinct and separate from his more documentary work as a marine photojournalist. The result is some of the most visually compelling underwater art ever. Each page is one adventurous journey after another as the viewer is drawn into a secret world. Eyes into Secret Seas is much more than underwater art photography, Rotman's magical photographs open up a world of color and light that is an inspiring source book for anyone interested in color and design. Fashion fans will appreciate in your face photographs of fish veneers, combinations of blue, pink, and yellow as luminous as an Oscar de la Renta runway. Interior design aficionados will marvel at nature's sea palette of eyepopping color mixes, as vibrant as a Tricia Guild designed house, and jewelry fans cannot fail to be inspired by brilliant sparkling surfaces of species of fish and coral as vibrant as those seen at Harry Winston or Bulgari. Beyond the world of underwater photography, Eyes into Secret Seas is an inspired gift for just about anyone who loves color. Underwater diving is a 1.7 billion dollar industry and one of the fastest growing water sports in the United States. Eyes into Secret Seas is perfect for armchair underwater photography fans as well as amateur divers and underwater photographers. According to the diving industry association, there are 8.5 million certified divers in the U.S., and 500,000 divers enter the sport each year. The top ten states with active divers are Florida, California, Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, New York, Washington, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Colorado

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