The New Dance Photography of Lois Greenfield

Lois Greenfield, Daniil Giradin

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Paperback 112 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9780811821551

Subject: Performing Art Dance

Everyone asks me"How did I do it?" How do I capture the dancers seemingly frozen in midair, glued together, as if shot out of a cannon? above with the dancers lying on the floor, or they are rigged with wires from the ceiling, or, most commonly, that they have been manipulated either digitally or in the darkroom. The truth of it is that my photographs are simple snapshots, often the result of the command "jump!" They may look like trick photographs, but there is no darkroom or digital manipulation of any kind in my work.

Of course, I previsualize the moments I want, after either watching the dancers improvise, or giving them an idea or a prop to play with. The process is highly collaborative and frankly, alot of fun!

All the photos were shot in my photo studio with Broncolor strobes and a Hasselblad camera. I used to photograph dress rehearsals for the Village Voice and other publications, but I became frustrated with the conditions of photographing in theaters . Also, I wanted more control over the moments and the lighting. Since 1980, I've been working almost exclusively in my own studio , asking the dancers not to recreate choreography but to explore my own ideas.

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