Mediterranean Graphicity

Mediterranean Graphicity

Elbaz Lorenzo

Monsa S.A.

Layout: 21,5 X 25,5cm
Pages: 192
Cover: Softcover+flaps
Languages: ENG, SPA

ISBN / Barcode: 9788415223153

Subject: Architecture

We are thrilled to introduce you, with this work, the world to be described using the signs that are handled in the pictorial and typographic approach to as much as possible to the great diversity of images offered by the Mediterranean landscape. Over time the landscape has been populated by graphic and pictorial codes superimposed on a mirage of streets and landscapes, the vestiges of good taste and idiosyncrasies that is past. Solar watches that project a perfect time in the facades and the gravestones attest to the past life of famous people bear witness to those times while pointing to the existence of a peculiar universe surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean. Will find that also here every era has its language and its own content, signals that constitute the cultural heritage has a distinctive semantics. However, these images do not indicate where to go, but encouraging the passers-by to become aware of where they are, because humans are an indelible part of the environment through which they travel. There are the words written, dialed numbers, a set of symbols whose meaning we may not warned.

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