Sin Palabras

Sin Palabras

Gestiario Argentino

Guido Indij

La Marca

Paperback: 240 pages
(March, 2007) Language: Spanish

ISBN / Barcode: 9789508891518

Subject: Linguistica

If you've ever given anyone two thumbs up--or the finger, reminded them of the time by touching your wrist, or called them crazy by twirling a finger next to your ear, you'll appreciate the wealth of information in these small daily mimes. If you've ever watched a foreign-language-acquisition course, you'll know that while an unfamiliar gesture might be useful, it's often more ludicrous, and that the personality of whoever's expressing it can overwhelm the information quite quickly. This Visual Dictionary of Gestures catalogues the international language in demonstration by Argentine models, who scowl, pucker, squint and roll their eyes in the line of duty--it's useful if you're traveling, or if you just want to laugh.

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