The Art of the Flower

The Art of the Flower

A Photographic Collection of Iconic Floral Installations by Celebrity Florist Jeff Leatham

Leatham Jeff

Insight Editions UK

272 pages
220 x 300 mm

Subject: Nature Flower Compositions

Embark on the fragrant floral journey of celebrated florist Jeff Leatham's award-winning flower arrangements and installations that he has created throughout his illustrious career. Featuring celebrated florist Jeff Leatham's favorite flower arrangements from throughout his renowned career, The Art of the Flower takes readers on a fragrant, floral journey of Jeff's over-the-top and world-famous flower arrangements and installations.. Get an inside look at the arrangements and installations made for his A-list celebrity clientele, as well as for luxurious locations including the Four Seasons Hotels in Beverly Hills, Philadelphia, and Paris; the New York Botanical Gardens; the Philadelphia Flower Show; and Bloomingdale's. The Art of the Flower vividly showcases Leatham's most famous and award-winning floral tapestries using full-color photography accompanied by commentary that reveals his creative inspiration. Leatham also includes insider flower-arranging tips and tricks that he has used to create his signature jaw-dropping arrangements for celebrity events. FLORIST TO THE STARS: Jeff Leatham has arranged flowers and events for top celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Tina Turner, the Kardashians, Janet Jackson, Cher, Kylie Minogue, Nadja Swarovski, Chelsea Clinton, Eva Longoria, Dolly Parton, Madonna, and the Dalai Lama. AWARD-WINNING ARRANGEMENTS AND INSTALLATIONS: Jeff Leatham has served as creative director for numerous flower expositions such as Habitat at the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show, Kaleidoscope at the 2020 New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show, and The Five Senses Holiday window theme at Bloomingdale's. EXPERT FLOWER-ARRANGING TIPS AND TRICKS: Learn expert flower-arranging tips that anyone can use to create dramatic arrangements for gifts, parties, events, and home decor. FULL-COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY: The Art of the Flower features gorgeous full-color photography showcasing the beauty and intricacy of every floral arrangement and installation. PERFECT GIFT: With gorgeous floral arrangements and helpful tips and tricks, The Art of the Flower is the perfect gift book and flower arranging guide for anyone who appreciates stunning flowers and glamorous events.

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