Outback: The Amazing Animals of Australia

Outback: The Amazing Animals of Australia

A Photicular Book

Kainen Dan

Workman Melia Pub. Group

24 pages
Language: English

Subject: Graphics Gift Line

Embark on an eye-opening adventure in the land Down Under, and see eight creatures in astounding motion. From the New York Times bestselling series.

Using Photicular® technology that’s like a 3-D movie on the page, OUTBACK whisks you to the vast, remote world of wild Australia, where heat waves dance forever and animals, isolated by the vagaries of continental drift, are unlike those found anywhere else on Earth.

Each moving image delivers a rich, immersive visual experience—and the result is breathtaking. The kangaroo hops. A wombat waddles. The frilled lizard races on two legs across the desert floor. A peacock spider dances and shows off its vibrant colors. Experience it for yourself!

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