Simple Meals and Fabulous Feasts from Italy

Caldes Katie

Hardie Grant Books (Quadrille)

Hardcover: 272 pages
Language: English

Subject: Travel Tuscany, marche, Abruzzo

From the minute they look out of their window in the morning to their last nightcap at the bar, Tuscans, like most Italians, are thinking about food.

In Tuscany, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi take readers on a culinary journey through a Tuscan day, to discover the delicacies of the region and the stories behind them. The book opens with a section on 'skills from the Tuscan kitchen', immersing us in the very place that it all begins, and teaching you the foundations of Tuscan cooking: the essential stocks, sauces and flavour bases. We are then taken through breakfast, lunchtime, aperitivo and dinner, with pasta and gnocchi, secondi, contorni and a dolce for every single month of the year.

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