Blood & Ink: The Art of the Tattoo

Blood & Ink: The Art of the Tattoo

Russ Thorne

Running Press UK

Paperback: 96 pages
Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 9780762441754

Subject: Fashion Tattoo

An expert guide to tattoo designs that explains the history of tattoos as well as the meaning and symbolism behind popular designs, "Blood and Ink" also provides 150 quality temporary tattoos to fit all personalities and moods. "Blood and Ink" is the solution for the squeamish, the fickle, and all future politicians and swimwear models alike. This expert guide to tattoo designs includes 150 tattoo transfers you really want to wear - including symbolism, placement, and meaning. Forget the tired, old-fashioned temporary tattoos you've seen before, the Skin Stamps included in this book are designed by real tattoo artists. Whether it's for a hot night out or beach vacation, this book is all you need to wear and understand the body art you love without making that lifetime tattoo commitment.

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