Rosas: Shorts (DS92086) (DVD)

Rosas: Shorts (DS92086) (DVD)

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18 minutes, colour.
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ISBN / Barcode: 8716777920862

Subject: DVD Dance

This is achieved not by recording the dances step-by-step, but by considering them from a totally different perspective: the filmic point-of-view. However, in this case, perhaps one shouldn’t speak of “film-adaptation”. While these productions use De Keersmaeker’s stage performances as inspiration, they are nevertheless fully autonomous works that deserve to be looked at as films in their own right.

Monoloog van Fumiyo Ikeda op het einde van Ottone/Ottone, a film by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Walter Verdin
1990, 6 minutes, black & white.

Rosa, a film by Peter Greenaway, 1992, 16 minutes, black & white.
Dance Screen Award 1992

Tippeke, a film by Thierry De Mey, 1996, 18 minutes, colour.
Grand Prix Carina Ari (Media Dance International) 2000

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